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The new Peak Pro is the pinnacle of hash technology. This premium smart rig delivers incredible flavor and unparalleled performance. Unlock the fullest potential of the plant with its single-button interface, deep customization via the Puffco Connect app, and patented 3D Chamber. Featuring the Joystick Cap and laser cut perc slots for improved water filtration, enjoy the best hash experience ever in two beautiful colorways – Onyx and Pearl. 

The Peak Pro Original offers seamless control through the dedicated smartphone app, aptly named the Peak Pro App Experience. With this app, users can enjoy a heightened level of customization, allowing them to tailor their vaping sessions precisely to their preferences. The app provides the ability to customize the four temperature presets, granting control over heat duration, temperature settings, and even the color associated with each preset. This level of personalization ensures that users can achieve their desired vaping experience with ease.

In addition to temperature control, the app offers a range of captivating features to enhance the overall user experience. Users can cycle through various color schemes and lighting modes, allowing them to set the mood when the device is not in active use. Among the available lighting patterns are Pulse, Wave, Disco, and Stealth, each offering a unique visual ambiance.

Moreover, the app serves as the product's screen, providing users with real-time data and statistics. Live Stats, such as Active Heat Setting, Bowl Temperature, Daily Dabs, and Total Dabs, can be conveniently viewed on the app's interface, keeping users informed and allowing them to track their usage and preferences accurately. The integration of these features ensures that users have comprehensive control and a wealth of information at their fingertips.


  •  Real-Time Temperature Control
  •  Large Ceramic Chamber
  •  4 Preset Heat Profiles (expandable/customizable via app)
  •  40 Heat Cycle Average Battery Life
  •  20 Second Heat Up Time
  •  2 Hour Fast Charge Time
  •  Bluetooth App Connectivity
  •  Customizable LED Lights
  •  Auto-Sleep Function
  •  Wireless Qi Charging
  •  USB-C Connection
  •  Carrying Case Included


  • Peak Pro with 3D Chamber,
  • Joystick Cap,
  • Loading Tool,
  • Dual Tool (5-pack),
  • USB-C Cable,
  • Carrying Case